USS Midway after being decommissioned to the reserve fleet on 11 Apr 1992 is now mothballed in
Bremerton, WA and as of Aug. 1999 when this photo was taken is awaiting her fate. She was
stricken for disposal on 17 Mar 1997 but San Diego is trying to get her for a major
museum. It is
fitting that this great ship not go to the breakers. Her 47 year history is filled with the drama of
war, the compassion of her rescue missions and the memories of the thousands of officers and
men who made up her crew. She is a beautiful but tired lady and deserves a place where former
crew members and the public can once again walk her decks and learn about the history she has
been so much a part of.
Photograph from MidwayJoe Collection
USS Midway in Bremerton, WA. "Note" bow of battleship New Jersey BB-62 just forward of Midway
USS MIDWAY in mothballs at Bremerton