US Navy Photo by Al Labendz, PHC, USN
MidwayJoe Collection
USS Midway CVA-41 leading the First Fleet into San Francisco Bay in 1959. Following in
line are
USS Kearsarge CVS-33 (passing under the Oakland Bay Bridge), USS Hancock
CVA-19 and various other ships. A great photo of US Naval might in the 1950s when the
Cold War was going strong. San Francisco is in the background and Alcatraz Island is in
the upper right. The
Kearsarge was decommissioned to the reserve fleet in Feb of 1970
and was sold for scrapping in Jan of 1974. The
Hancock was decommissioned on 30 Jan
1976, stricken for disposal on 31 Jan 1976 and also sold for scrap.
USS MIDWAY leading First Fleet into San Francisco Bay