US Navy Photograph
At the time this photograph was taken the USS Midway was the largest and most powerful aircraft
carrier in the world. She incorporated many new design features learned from the fighting in WWII
such as an armored flight deck and more anti-aircraft guns. When I came aboard in November of
1957 right after her first conversion she had already began the many changes that would take
place in her long career. The first conversion added an enclosed "hurricane" bow, angled flight
deck, (so aircraft could be launched and landed at the same time), and steam catapults enabling
her to handle the heavier jet aircraft of the day. Later conversions would add more flight deck
space and add and relocate elevators among other things. Midway began her service too late to
see action in WWII but she made up for it in her long service of "going in harm's way" in other
wars. Her crews saw plenty of action and her 47 year longevity spoke for her ability to "get the
job done" in any situation that was handed her.