USS Radford DD/DDE-446
The USS Radford commissioned in early 1942 was the second of the famous WWII Fletcher class
destroyers. Along with the later Sumner class, these destroyers were the backbone of the US
destroyer fleet during WWII and operated long into the post war 1950s and 1960s. They were
376'6" long and had a displacement of 2050 tons. With a speed of 35 knots they could easily
keep up with the new "Fast" Essex class aircraft carriers that were soon to join America's
growing WWII Navy. These ships would carry the sea war all the way to Japan and the Allied
victory. I took the above photograph from the carrier USS Midway on Sept. 27, 1958 while
Radford was operating off Formosa with the Midway and other ships of Task Force 77 during
another of Radford's many overseas deployments in times of peril and unrest. This gathering
of ships on the high seas was in response to the Quemoy - Matsu crisis in the Formosa Straits
where the Communist Government of Red China was threatening a possible invasion of the
Nationalist Government on Formosa. The Radford had a long history of going in "harms way"
and doing her country proud, this deployment to the South Pacific was no exception.
Photograph from MidwayJoe collection