(A song of the street)

1992 by Joe Brignone 04-15-92

1. He stepped out of the darkness with a pistol in his hand,
This product of society, this broke and beaten man.
He said "Give me all your money or I'll blow you straight to hell",
And as I reached in my pocket, this story he began to tell.

2. He said, "I was born into this life of crime, I'm really not to blame",
"I never even saw my dad, I never knew his name".
"My mother was an addict, she died when I was eight",
"The words she spoke about my dad were always filled with hate".

If you buy into his story you'll end up in his game, but first you have to
ask yourself, "Who really is to blame?", "Who is to blame?".

3. "I started stealing from my friends when I was only five",
"It doesn't really matter, most of them aren't still alive".
"I got "busted" for the first time when I had just turned ten",
"By the time that I was twenty one, I'd done two years in the pen".

4. "I never finished high school, there was nothing there for me",
"I didn't want some teacher saying who I should or shouldn't be".
"So here I am robbing you, my life ain't all that bad".
And as I listened to his story, I started getting mad.


5. No matter what his lot in life, he doesn't have the right,
To stick a gun into my face in the middle of the night.
So I pulled out my own weapon and fired one quick round.
Dis-belief came on his face as he slumped down to the ground.

6. I knew that I had killed him as I saw him close his eyes,
And I wondered if what he told me was just a pack of lies.
The results of your actions when playing at life's game.
If YOU don't practice saying "No", YOU really are to blame.

J Brignone

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